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 Recruiting rules

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Recruiting rules Empty
PostSubject: Recruiting rules   Recruiting rules Icon_minitimeThu May 08, 2008 9:00 am

You chose to be assimilated

The Borg Collective is looking for:
- motivated players
- experienced players who know well Ogame
- modest players in the victory just as in the defeat
- mature players who can have fun!

The Borg Collective is recruiting only TOP 200 players. If your are not strong enough, please do not postulate.

Please post:
- Username IG
- Username in the official forum
- Type of play
- Experience on other universes
- Presentation IRL
- What are your motivations to join us?
- NO SMS language
- A roleplay is welcome but not compulsory. We are looking for good players, not poets!

Then, you have to write:
- What TOP do you want to reach?
- Actual number of points?
- Actual number of vessels?
- Research points?
- How many colonies do you have?
- Have you read the rules?
- Are you ok to respect them?

Rules of the Borg Collective

Omni, Borg_04
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Recruiting rules
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